The San Diego Pain Summit


Fifteen RMTs from British Colombia attended the San Diego Pain Summit this year! The annual event brings together leading researchers and practitioners to share the latest developments in pain research and best practices. We were able to meet some of our ‘pain science heroes’ and even managed to go for a bike ride to a beachside taco stand!

Wendy and Jenn at the San Diego Pain Summit

Wendy and Jenn at the San Diego Pain Summit


This year’s Summit focused on the patient experience. We heard from patients themselves, we heard from researchers who talked about the importance of the language we use, and we heard about the limitations of traditional approaches such as the ‘0-10 Pain Scale’.

Presentations included:

  • Dr. Antonio Damasio: About the Physiology of Feeling

  • Sharna Prasad, PT, As Providers What We Say Matters...Matters A Lot

  • Dr. Mark Bishop, You, Them, Us: What You Expect Is What You Get

  • Shelly Prosko: Insight into Compassion: The Foundation of Pain Care

  • Dr. Karen Davis: Are We Ready To Translate Research Into Practice? How brain imaging studies of chronic pain are being used to develop personalized pain management treatment plans.

  • Tim Beames: "My experience of my body is what I say it is" - Symptomology Validated By Science

  • Kathryn Schopmeyer: I am Not a Number: Understanding and Improving Pain Assessment Mandates in Healthcare

  • Pain From The Patient’s Perspective - A Patient Panel: Alison Sim, Dr. Bronnie Thompson, Keith Meldrum, and Kira Stoops.

We’re already looking forward to next year’s event! If there are any RMTs who are interested in the San Diego Pain Summit, we’ll be hosting a debrief on April 4th to talk about the highlights. You can find the event here:

BC RMTs represent!

BC RMTs represent!

Jenn Sharman