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Understanding Pain: A Quick Overview

This short video provides a basic overview of strategies for healing and managing persistent pain. 

Pain can affect mood, stress, sleep and activity levels. We know that acute pain is a protective response to injury that encourages tissue healing in the short-term, however most tissue heals after 3-6 months, so what is happening when pain lasts beyond this timeframe? Ongoing pain produced by the brain is less about tissue damage or structural change in the body and more about an increased sensitivity of the nervous system. The good news is that just as a person's nervous system can change to become more sensitive, it is possible to retrain the brain and nervous system away from pain.  One key strategy is to get your body moving at comfortable levels where the brain does not protect by producing pain. Making changes to diet, lifestyle, thoughts, emotions and stress levels can also have a positive impact on the nervous system and the pain experience.