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Intent Health Clinic’s focus is two-fold: to support patients in their continued health and healing, and to hire thoughtful, skilled and innovative Registered Massage Therapists to do just that.

We understand the interconnection of biological, psychological and social components that influence our experiences and interactions. Through this lens, we connect with our patients to facilitate improved health, healing and wellbeing.

We’re passionate about evidence-informed practice and research. It guides us to incorporate best practices and scientific insights into our massage treatments. It’s also why our treatments are person-centered. We value your experiences, preferences and expertise when it comes to your own body. It’s our goal to cultivate resiliency and collaborate on your shared roadmap to better health.

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We know that a good massage involves care, compassion, clear communication and curiosity to help achieve your goals. Whether it's more movement, less pain, added comfort in your own body, or a reprieve from the stresses of everyday life.

Our logo was designed with these elements in mind. The two leaves represent the client and the RMT, and the 3 lines connecting them represent evidence-based, person-centered, and trauma informed care.

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