ICBC Claims

*Please note: none of our RMTs are accepting new ICBC patients at this time.*

Patients with ICBC claim numbers are eligible for partial coverage of 12 registered massage therapy appointments, all of which must be completed within 12 weeks from the date of their accident.

(If those 12 weeks have passed you will need to submit a Doctor’s note to your ICBC adjuster in order to request an extension. Your RMT will ask you to provide a note from your adjuster confirming they have approved more treatments.)

Please have the following information on hand to include in your intake form:

  • ICBC claim number
  • Adjuster’s name and contact
  • Date of accident
  • Your personal health number, and
  • Your date of birth

What is covered

  • $131.25 is covered by ICBC for the first 60-minute visit
  • $98.70 is covered for 11 subsequent visits; if your RMT recommends more treatments, you’ll need to send a doctor’s note to your independent adjuster (IA)

Some insurance companies may cover the remaining amount of your appointments, however, you'll need to contact your insurance provider directly to learn more, and submit your own receipts to them.

For continuity of care, we recommend that patients see the same RMT for the series of 12. If you have already received other RMT treatments related to your accident, your new RMT will need to know how many. Please have this information on hand.

Your treatment will include: a verbal interview; an assessment of your injuries; massage therapy; home care options and a suggested treatment plan to help you recover.

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Payments and missed appointments

Should any insurer decline payment, the patient will be charged for the appointment. In the case of a no-show, the clinic’s cancellation policy will apply, and the patient will be charged the total payment for the missed treatment. Insurers will not pay for missed appointments.

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