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Jen Harvey

Registered Massage Therapist

Jen approaches patient needs with an attentive, compassionate presence. She supports patients by providing tailored treatments and self-care guidance that aligns with their goals. Jen recognizes the complexity of people’s lives and acknowledges the significant role that stress plays in the experience of pain and tension. She graduated with academic distinction on the Dean's List and is committed to continuing education. Jen’s website:

Experience Working With

  • Abdominal massage and digestive concerns

  • Headaches and migraines

  • Pregnancy

  • Osteoarthritis management

  • TMJD (jaw issues)

  • Thoracic Outlet and Carpal Tunnel Syndromes

  • Neck and shoulder tension and pain

Continuing Education


  • Mat Pilates & Standing Pilates Certification (Marta Hernandez Studios, PhysicalMind Institute)

  • Female Pelvis: Female Issues (Heather Gittens, RMT, Bodhi Tree Wellness)

  • Gentle Movement & Relaxation Program (Pain BC)

  • Simply TMJ [Jaw Treatment] (Robert Hackwood, Dynamic Therapies)

  • Movement as Pain Education (Pain BC webinar - Neil Pearson, PT)

  • Modified and Prenatal Pilates Intensive Mat Course (Marta Hernandez, Physicalmind Institute)

  • Introduction to Bartenieff Fundamentals (Donna Redlick, CMA, RSME)

  • Movement Patterning (Helen Walkley, LMA, SME)

  • Massage Therapy During the Childbearing Year: Pregnancy (Paula Jaspar, RMT, ME)


  • Visceral Manipulation: Abdomen (VM1) (Barral Institute)

  • Human Anatomy Dissection: Head/Neck/Brain (Somatic Explorations)


  • 10 day Vipassana meditation course (S. N. Goenka) 

  • CranioSacral Therapy (CS1) (Upledger Institute)

2016 and prior

  • An Introduction to Laban Movement Analysis (Helen Walkley, LMA)

  • Basic Counselling Skills (VCC)

  • Body Mind Psychotherapy Intensive (Susan Aposhyan, MA, LPC)

  • Movement Patterning (Helen Walkley, LMA, SME)

  • Embodued Practice through Bartenieff Fundamentals (Donna Redlick, CMA, RSME)

  • Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree (Emily Carr Institute of Art & Design)