Intent Health Values

Intent Health Clinic’s focus is two-fold: to support patients in their continued health and healing, and to advocate for our RMTs to innovate, expand and build a massage practice on a strong foundation of current evidence and best practices. In this light, our values are simple: to be excellent communicators and knowledgeable leaders, to connect ideas and people, to give back and to continue to grow.

1. Communication

Each person is unique. We come to every treatment with deep curiosity and an open mind. We listen, ask questions and learn how we can best work together.

2. Knowledge and wise leadership

Nerds (re)unite! We love learning and sharing up-to-date research with patients and fellow RMTs. We aim to empower and cultivate resiliency through best practices. Our RMTs are passionate about learning and are seeking to make a difference in their practice and our community.

3. Community

We are a clinic that bridges the gap—be it between old and new models of massage therapy, between research and practice, and between practitioners and patients. No matter how you put it, we want to bring people together, to do meaningful work that has a lasting impact. We are connectors on a collaborative roadmap to improved health and wellbeing.

4. Acts of service

Being present with another person in their experience is an act of service that gives our work great meaning. We serve as facilitators and collaborators on a person’s path to health. We know that in order to care for others we must also care for ourselves.

5. Growth

Intent Health plants seeds of change. Whether it’s fostering resiliency and self-efficacy with patients, or advocating for change in the profession. We support the Registered Massage Therapists that work with us to feel at ease in the space and know they are invited to learn and grow with us.

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